Theresa Dungo | Emblem3 – WAKING UP TOUR PH
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Just a couple weeks ago, EMBLEM3 announced that they will bring the Waking Up World Tour to the Philippines.


This will be their first show here and I’m just so happy because I am going to see them perform and not just that… I am going to the meet and greet. Exciting, isn’t it? I’m so dying to meet them in person and tell them how much I adore them. I’m just one of the thousands of emblems who can’t contain their excitement. I am freaking out, like literally. I have been a fan of these guys since day one. From the moment I saw their X Factor audition and hear them sing, I totally got hooked right away. These guys are freaking amazing! And they’re gorgeous af! Haha.

I’ve listen to their songs over and over and over again and never get tired of it. So when the news broke about Drew leaving the group back in 2014, my heart broke. It crushed my feelings. Why would Drew leave the group? But then, everything happens for a reason. Drew has left to pursue a solo career. Since I am a true fan, I supported him and wished him nothing but best of luck and still continued supporting the remaining 2 guys.


Fast forward:

When I saw this photo from Emblem3‘s instagram account, I got really excited and thought this is the moment that I’ve (we’ve) been waiting for. The comeback of the trio. My favorite trio. My boys, my Emblem3.

By the way… I already booked my flight to Manila yesterday. Haven’t packed my things yet though but whatever haha.

Note to self: Take a lot of pictures and videos during the concert. Because this comes only once in a lifetime.

For those who haven’t purchased their concert tickets and the M&G yet, click these links below:

Special thanks to Rachel, Kevin Pableo and N91Live for my VIP ticket. Can’t wait to see you there my fellow emblems!



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